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Tour Haifa - Haifa Tourists Board

The Railway Museum

The Railway Museum is situated in the vicinity of the East Haifa railway station. It depicts the milestones which contributed to the development of the Israeli railroad transport system from its beginnings in 1892 to its increasing connections with neighboring countries. It also describes the way the railroad transport system functions today in all its various operations.

The museum's locomotives and carriages were originally housed in a building designed as a garage for the locomotives of the Hedjaz railway, the famous Emek railway. In 2000, the building was renovated with the aim of housing the museum. In comparison with other museums overseas, ours has the distinct advantage of being located in a working railway station. This of course creates the atmosphere of a typical, vibrant train station, making your visit exciting.

Tel: 04-8564293

Address: 1, Hativat-Golani St., Haifa

Groups of 25 or more are allowed to arrive directly by train as long as they contact the museum's administrator and arrange an advance booking 48 hours beforehand. There is an entry fee, and advance booking of visits is required.

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