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The Mane Katz Museum

In 1958, Haifa's town council presented the painter, Mane Katz, with the gift of a house on condition that he agree that, in return, all his possessions and art collections would be bequeathed – after his death - to the city of Haifa. Katz' house is situated on one of the most beautiful spots in Israel, close to the Carmel Mountain ridge, with a great view of the Haifa Bay, as well as of the Galilean hills. For the last four years of his life, between 1958 and 1962, Mane Katz divided his time between this house on Mount Carmel and his house in Paris. Beginning in 1977, this home also served as a museum. The exhibition rotates about every three months and includes works from the museum's own collection as well as from other places.

The museum's collection, which Mane Katz himself bequeathed to the city, was, for the most part, transported from his home in Paris. It includes works by Mane Katz, as well as his private collections. His own works include oil paintings, gouaches,sketches, water colors, sculptures made of plaster of Paris and bronze casts. Additionally, the collection houses antique furniture, Oriental carpets, statuettes – including Eastern European clay toys – bronze statuettes from the Far East and more.

The priceless examples of Judaica include antique Hanukkah menorahs, ketubot [Jewish marriage certificates], metal plates, spice boxes, menorahs, talismans, good-luck charms, art in the form of cloths, such as the (parochet) curtains which cover the ark in the synagogue, kapporot, mercy seats, a cover or lid in gold, as described in the book of Exodus 25: 17-21 and more.

The temporary exhibitions display a variety of themes and artistic genres, all of which have a great affinity with the work of Mane Katz himself. They either date from his period, or resemble his own art work, whether similar in style to his, or because they remind us of his own collection. The raison d'être of the museum is to highlight the contributions of the Paris School which existed between the two World Wars and especially the Jewish circle which comprised a part of it, creating the environment which was so relevant to the artist Mane Katz.

Where to find the museum: 89, Yafe Nof St., Haifa
The museum is located within a five minute walk from the Carmel Center (Mercaz ha-Carmel), and is adjacent to the Louis Promenade, or Tayelet, behind the Nof Hotel. To reach us, you can take the following Egged buses: 37, 21 and 22, from Hadar: 23 and 12.

The museum also has a corner reserved especially for the sale of reproductions of Mane Katz' works.

Telephone 04 – 8383482.

There is an entry fee.