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The Electric Visitors Center

The Israel Electric Corporation Visitors Center
On the website of Haifa's Power Station you can learn about the activities offered at the Israel Electric Corporation Visitors Center. These activities include a guided tour of the exhibition; a film about the company and a tour around the area of the site; an on-the-spot viewing of the installations currently in use at the power station; and, finally, a visit to the Visitors' Room.

The Haifa power plant site is preserved as it was the very first electricity infrastructure in Israel. In 1935, the first Israeli power station was built on the site, running on steam. This historic power station was housed in a truly magnificent building. In the Visitors Center, which is located on site, you will find a dynamic model of the large hall where the electricity was produced and next to it, an explanation about the control centers which work around the clock, year round, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

During the course of your visit, you will learn how electricity was introduced to the country approximately eighty years ago in the 1920s, when Jewish pioneers were in the process of building our fledgling country. You will also learn how today's gigantic structures cope with the everyday strains, faults and breakdowns, as well as how the company fulfils its commitment to keeping up a constant and reliable supply of electricity every hour of the day and night to every last corner of the country. You will learn firsthand what it is like to be 'starved of electricity.' Come and explore the special architecture in the shape of power station Haifa 1. In addition, you will see the lengths to which we go to improve air quality, converting stations currently operating on site to produce electricity with natural gas, using the cleanest, purest, 'greenest,' most environmentally friendly fuel.

Address: Suleiman Rd, 'Shemen' Beach.

Open: Mon– Thurs: 08.00 – 15.00 hours.

Please book visits in advance by calling 04-8664221. There is no entry charge.