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Tour Haifa - Haifa Tourists Board

Hof Hashaket

The beach includes a kiosk and restaurant, paid parking, shading screens, benches and sitting areas. The breakwater provides partial protection against waves and often allows for a calm swim. This beach is the quietest beach in the country, with conditions resembling a “swimming pool.” The beach is situated in the Haifa Bay area, close to the harbor.

Note there are separate bathing days for men and women.
Women’s bathing days:
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Men’s bathing days:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Saturday is for both men and women.

Location: behind Rambam Hospital, entrance is from Heyl Hayam Street.

Access: right turn from Heyl Hayam Street, or left turn from Ha’aliya Street. 

Lifeguard stations: there is a single lifeguard station along the beach.