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Hermann Struck Museum

Hermann Struck (1876-1944) is considered to be one of the most important print artists of Germany and Eretz Israel in the first half of the 20th century. For more than 40 years of his career as a successful and respected artist he created innumerable works on paper, generally in two specific genres - portraits and landscapes. In his series of famous portraits, Struck depicted the great scientists and thinkers of his time, including what is, for Jews, his best-known work - a portrait of Theodor Herzl.

The exhibitions concentrate on subjects, ideas, and the cultural concepts of the modern age. The framework of the displays will be an introduction to the works of Struck and of artists working today in the print genre in Israel and elsewhere, an attempt to create a dialogue between periods and points of view.

A new building will be erected adjacent to Hermann Struck's home, intended as an educational and community centre dealing with art education in general, and of print. There will be workshops for artists involved in the craft of print, and exhibitions of works by contemporary artists. The museum offers a range of tours, lectures, events and encounters with outstanding figures in cultural activities and research. Activities are coordinated with the Hadar Community Centre, Haifa Theatre, and Haifa Museums.

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Address: 23 Arlosoroff Street, Haifa