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Tour Haifa - Haifa Tourists Board

Carmel Beach

This beach is known for the gardens situated along its boardwalk, beachside kiosks and restaurants, recreational areas (at the passageway and Carmel Beach Hotel), free parking south of the beach, benches, sitting areas and sports' facilities and playgrounds. The breakwater provides partial protection against waves.

Location: west of Nave David neighborhood, at the foot of the Carmel Beach Towers.

Access: southern entrance – west of the Haifa Mall intersection, through Andrei Sakharov Street, which is west of Derech Hayam intersection (through Carmel Beach, along David Elazar Street); northern entrance – (for vehicles not exceeding 2.20 meters in height) through "Maxim" Petrol Station.

Transportation: all buses stopping on the main road near Nave David neighborhood or the Carmel Beach Towers, all in accordance with the timetables issued by Egged. Also, service (shared) taxis will get you as far as the pedestrian bridge on the Haifa – Tel Aviv Road, where you may cross over from Nave David neighborhood and walk down the stairs directly to the beach.